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Price of Winning

John Strubel is a freelance sports reporter. His first book is The Price of Winning: The Rise and Fall of a National Champion. The story chronicles what happened when a small northern New York state town and state university is swept up in an NCAA scandal during the 1980s.




The last time I was in Plattsburgh, New York was April 2006. On the drive North on I-87 I had an idea.: I’m going to do an informal survey with active SUNY Plattsburgh students regarding their colleges’ history. The first day on campus at SUNY Plattsburgh I walked the breezeway that splits the Feinberg Library and the Angell College Center. Along...

Freelance Sports Reporter

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Hi. My name is John Strubel. Thanks for visiting my website. I write primarily about my passion: baseball. You can also connect with me on social media @johnstrubel.