Baseball history is littered with stories of how the game impacted the lives of father’s and their children.

I have compiled a list of some of the best stories of Father’s Day 2022. I hope you enjoy these short reads:

Coras’ bond goes beyond brotherhood

“It was my responsibility to help him grow up the right way. It was on me. After my dad passed away, I took that responsibility to help him grow up the right way. If I die, Alex appreciates that part. It’s good because there were tough times like any father and son, even though we are just brothers … At times I had to be tough, but the fact that he is doing well, I feel more proud of that fact that other people believe that he is a great man and great person.” — Joey Cora

Rich Hill discusses the joys of fatherhood

He loves the game of baseball, but he also loves being a kid too. It’s great to see him playing Wiffle ball out in the park … I’ve just tried to teach him to be kind and respectful of others. Treat people the way you want to be treated … Time together is the most valuable thing that we have and we just try to impart that on him. I think that’s the biggest thing we try to impart. Also, kindness. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Say please and thank you. Hold the door. Just simple things that go a long way and build character as he continues to grow and get older.

Father’s Day memories: Women in media on the dads who shaped their sports fandom

When I started working as a full-time beat reporter for MLB.com in 2010, my dad, Louis, was so proud he put my business card in the clear plastic sleeve of his wallet, the one where your driver’s license is supposed to go, so he could bring it up to random strangers. Two years before that, when I interned for the Tampa Bay Rays, he printed out every article I wrote over eight months and made it into a scrapbook. — Brittany Ghiroli

Fulmer enjoying balancing fatherhood and baseball

I think the most important thing, and the best thing about it, is that after the game, whether you do good or bad, you get to go home to your kids and your family. And I think it grew on me a lot, not just being a baseball player and a husband at the time, but actually being a father and not being able to take the bad nights on the ballfield home, because you get to go home and be a dad. That’s kind of the joy that I put into it. — Michael Fulmer

‘Journey’ to making it in Major League Baseball has been a magical one for JT and Frank Brubaker

He’s put us on a journey in our life that … I couldn’t ask for anything more than what he’s given us as far as places that we’ve been and things we’ve done. We’re baseball junkies in this family, and it’s been so fun to experience everything together. — Frank Brubaker, father of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher JT Brubaker

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