Have you heard The Rumor? It’s a podcast about the whispers that have dawdled over the lives of Cal Ripken Jr., his wife Kelly, and Kevin Costner.

Yes, the Kevin Costner.

The rumor was hatched on August 14, 1997 after an electrical failure at Camden Yards forced the scheduled game between the Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners to be postponed. It was later rumored that the outage was not an electrical failure, but an intentional act designed to protect Ripken’s consecutive games played streak and, more importantly, his image and legacy.

The tale goes: Late in the afternoon of August 14, 1997, Ripken left his home for the ballpark when he realized he’d forgotten something at home. When he unexpectedly returned home, Ripken allegedly found his wife in bed with another man; that man was Kevin Costner.

Ripken and Costner allegedly got into a fight which led to Ripken to call the front office, asking them to find a way to cancel the the game.

And here we are. It’s been almost 25 years and the rumor is still alive, which begs the question: Is there any truth to this story, or is it all just a legendary myth?

The Rumor, which launched last week, seeks to find the truth of this near 25-year old tale without any help from Ripken, his wife or Costner. According to the Washington Post, the podcast hosts — Sam Dingman and Mac Montandon — said all of the parties declined to be interviewed.

But Costner did vehemently deny the rumor on two occasions in the past saying:

If there is something alleged, I’d love to see someone come forward. No one will, because they don’t have the story to do it. There would be big money for a story like this, but it simply is not true.

When asked about the events of August 14, 1997, Ripken said he vividly remembers the outage:

I remember it very well. The bank of lights went off … and we were deciding what to do about that … I was definitely there. I was ready to play.

If this story – this rumor — is pure fiction, then this podcast will hopefully snuff it out. But if podcast reveals any evidence to suggest that the story is true, well then, that changes everything. You begin rolling back the consecutive game streak, questions would arise about Ripken’s reputation and legacy.

“We feel like we ask a pretty provocative question with the story, and we feel like we deliver a pretty satisfying answer,” said Sam Dingman, co-host of The Rumor podcast.

The Rumor shares another piece of the puzzle each week. The “answer” awaits.

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