The last time Aaron Boone faced the Red Sox in the postseason was in 2003 …

The 7-2 whitewashing against the Oakland Athletics Wednesday was a huge confidence builder for the Yankees and their fans. By the seventh inning, with the Yankees holding a commanding 6-0 lead, the Bronx erupted in a chant of “We Want Boston!

“They can’t wait,” said Boone in the post game presser. “I think they’re ready and relish the opportunity to go up against the games best this year.”


You’ve seen the Red Sox this postseason. As a player. And you’ve seen it now as a manager during the regular season. What do you think about the guys in there, how they’re going to respond to that setting and what do you think about the matchup?

AARON BOONE: I think they can’t wait. I think they’re ready and relish the opportunity to go up against the games best this year. And obviously we’re very familiar with them. We know how good they are. I mean, we know we have to play our best if we’re going to have a chance to beat them. Obviously they’re very tough at Fenway. But I think you say the same for them probably. But I know our guys can’t wait to get there and try and get it done.

Obviously spent a lot of time focusing on the A’s for this game. Now that you’re passed them. Does part of you feel it was destined to help that you would play the Red Sox based on the way you’ve paralleled each other?

AARON BOONE: I don’t really go there and get caught up in we’re destined. I mean, we know who the next opponent was and we know this is a one-game thing. And so you’re confident you can get it done but at the end of the day it’s still a win-or-go-home, one game, anything can happen. So you just prepare as best you can and pour everything into this one and now we’ll obviously so focus on the Red Sox.

Obviously this is unique as a Wild Card game, how you handle the pitching, but going forward in the postseason could you see yourself generally with a shorter leash on starters, more creative use of the bullpen in ways if not in elimination game situations still different from what we saw from you in the regular season?

AARON BOONE: Yeah, I think it’s different. But also maybe a little different from a win-or-go-home kind of situation as well — you know, and how much the guy threw the day before and how much do you really have out of individuals. That’s just the fluid situation every single day. I think it is certainly different than the regular season, with the aggression and you’re willing to push guys and push certain relievers on a given night, yeah. But it changes a little bit every day.

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