I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was. – Shakespeare

Vin Scully received the Icon Award at the annual ESPY’s ceremony this week.

I grew up listening to Scully, mostly on nationally televised games. There was no internet, or cable, or MLB app when I was a teenager (Wow! I really am getting old). But, I digress.

Despite my lack of “connectivity” I was still able to witness some of Scully’s greatest calls live. The Catch by Dwight Clark, Kirk Gibson’s home run in the 1988 World Series and, my personal favorite: “Little roller. Behind the bag! It gets through Buckner. Here comes Knight and the Mets win it …”

Goosebumps, still.


Over the last five or six years I listened to Scully call all the Dodgers home games on the MLB Extra Innings package. It didn’t matter if it were April or a September, if the opponent were the Reds, Rangers or Rockies, I tuned in to soak up Vin.

I knew he was getting older and I held my breath at the end of every season hoping, praying that he would agree to one … more … year. My wife, of course, felt differently. She was tired on me staying up to 1:00 a.m. (edt) to listen to some old man wax poetic about sunsets, a toddler in the stands or some ballplayers number.

I let her take her jabs, kissed her goodnight, shut the lights and tiptoed to the next room just in time for the first pitch.

During a pre-game ceremony late in September 2016,  Kevin Costner delivered a poignant speech with Scully and his wife sitting just a few feet away.


I cried. Big, wimpy tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched the ceremony. In that moment I realized how much of an influence Scully had in my life. He is, and always will be, the voice of summer.

So, when Scully walked on the stage to accept his award on Wednesday night, I was beaming. Here it was mid-July and Vin Scully’s voice was, once again, coming out of the speakers. I smiled so much, so wide, my cheeks hurt.


“God gave us memories, so we can have roses in December,” said Scully.

As baseball fans, we got our December rose in July.

Summertime. Scully. For those few moments all was right with the world again.

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