Some 700 miles away from Baltimore, from her perch in the friendly confines of Chicago, USA Today sports columnist Nancy Armour called Major League Baseball’s decision — postponing Monday and Tuesday’s Orioles-White Sox games at Camden Yards, close Wednesday’s game and move this weekend’s scheduled series against the Tampa Bay Rays to St. Petersburg — a “knee-jerk” reaction to the riots in Baltimore.

Armour believes MLB should send a bold message to the rioters in Baltimore by playing the games as originally scheduled. In her column posted today, she wrote:

Send a message to those folks in Baltimore – the ones cleaning up their neighborhoods and reclaiming their kids from the streets – that you believe in the inherent goodness of the city … give the people of Baltimore a chance to show the city is better than those who want to tear it down … Running away isn’t the answer, and that’s exactly what baseball is doing.

Armour does know that the term “riot” isn’t funny, ha-ha, knee-slapping “riot,” but dangerous, life-threatening, building burning, looting, destructive, violent disturbances, right?

In circumstances like this, nothing describes the level of danger better than an image.

Like this …


And this …


Major League Baseball is not bigger than the events in Baltimore. Baseball is a game, not a culture-shaping entity. It is not MLB place to “send a message” to the people of Baltimore.  The decision to protect teams and fans, and freeing up law enforcement to focus on saving lives and community businesses, is more important than testing Baltimore’s resolve to overcome the riots.

Orioles pitcher Darren O’Day summed up the situation best, telling the Baltimore Sun:

“An event like this takes precedent over normal daily lives … You watch people’s homes and businesses and personal effects be destroyed. To protect the people that will come to our games and to protect us at the stadium would cost a lot of manpower. And to me it just makes sense to employ that manpower to protect people’s homes and businesses instead of our game.”

Baltimore is on fire — literally. Baseball is not a priority.

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