[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Policy or no policy, Major League Baseball still has reason to be anxious about some its players and their social media presence. Here are six MLB players and manager’s who are most likely to give commissioner Bud Selig heartburn in 2012:

Morgan is the most dangerous of all major league players on Twitter. He is a lot of fun to watch — and listen too — but he is also a loose cannon. He proved it last September, when he took to Twitter referring to Albert Pujols “Alberta.”

“Alberta couldn’t see Plush if she had her gloves on!!! Wat was she thinking running afta Plush!!! She never been n tha ring!!!”

Three years ago, Wilson caused such a stir when he deleted his account saying:

“This Twitter crap, I’ve obviously got to stop because people are taking it too serious. My aspect of that is I write a bunch of stuff that’s not true. It’s made up. Obviously I’m not doing things like going toe-to-toe with a ninja. Find me a ninja, for one. Obviously, it’s my fault for making up a bunch of stuff but I know for a fact most of those followers know I’m not being serious. They just like hearing funny stuff. Some people don’t understand, but I’m not an idiot, so obviously, I’ve got to stop.”

Guillen was the first major league manager to get suspended for tweeting. His speaks his mind, win or lose, and in the heat of the moment Guillen is capable of anything. For those who believe he learned his lesson last season in Chicago, talk to me after his Marlins fall into a mid-summer funk. That’s when fans, media and the MLB will begin lurking over his Twitter feed.

By now, every fan is aware of Logan Morrison’s Twitter rants. Remember this:

Now, who do you think influenced the league’s policy?

Morrison’s Twitter persona keep Selig’s stomach in knots, but he’s not alone. Last summer, while Morrison’s tweets were heating up the clubhouse, they were frightening the bejeezus out of Marlins president David Sampson, who said:

“I’m not a dinosaur. But I’m not thrilled. It’s very scary to me. I’ve told Logan, `People are waiting for you to make a mistake. They’re going to bait you on Twitter to say something inappropriate that you can never take back.’

MLB sent a memo to all 30 major league teams this week, announcing the league’s updated social media policy. While most reaction from fans and media has been positive, it remains to be seen if policy will trump passion.

Did I miss anyone? Post your comments and feedback below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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