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I owe you an apology -- and an explanation.

Let's begin with the apology. Over the last three or four years I have been promoting the release of my first book, The Price of Winning. One pushed back deadline lead to another, then another and ... here we are. No book. No pub date. That's my fault. I made you a promise and I broke that promise -- over and over.  So, here I am, ashamed, embarrassed and sorry. I apologize.

Will you forgive me?

plattsburgh3Here's how I got to this point: In April 2002, I began researching the story. Truth be told, I play a small part in it, which made the process pretty easy. I was able to make connections pretty quickly, schedule interviews, gather background and begin writing in short order. I felt comfortable that I could have the book completed and available to mark the 20th anniversary of SUNY Plattsburgh's first-ever NCAA championship team. I dropped the ball; but I didn't give up on the project -- just delayed.

By Fall 2009, I changed jobs, accepted a ton of responsibility. With the encouragement of my employer and wife, I went back to college, and I am excited to say, with God's grace and strength, this May I will have earned two degrees (undergraduate and masters). What does this have to do with the Plattsburgh book? Everything. Working full-time and earning two degrees since Fall 2009 pushed the book further down the "to do" list and -- at one point -- I had convinced myself to forget the book. I just didn't have time.

Meanwhile, since I started promoting the book -- a decade ago -- I've been receiving a steady stream of emails from numerous supporters, former Plattsburgh student-athletes, community supporters, media, etc. interested in the book. Each time, I replied that "I was still working on it." I was, just not very much.

So, now what? Simple. I am asking for one more shot. Now that I have publicly apologized, I hope you will give me the opportunity to make good on my original promise. If you're still interested in the book I have good news: I have made a promise to myself -- and now to you -- that once I complete my masters degree (Saturday, May 3) I plan on completing the book. Since I have written more than 300 pages (most of which still needs editing), I will dig in and finish strong. I hope is that the Price of Winning will be completed, edited and published within the year.

For sure? No. I will NOT make you another promise. That's not fair to you -- or me.

In the meantime, I am going to begin posting updates now. They will include project updates, news, project updates, etc. In addition, I have tons of copious notes that I would like to share on this blog. They include odds, ends, anecdotes and excerpts from the forthcoming -- and long-time-coming -- book, The Price of Winning: The Rise and Fall of an NCAA Champion. It's stuff that may (or maybe not) make it to the book, either way, they are great short stories. If you are a Plattsburgh State fan, alumni or current student, I believe you will enjoy the "behind-the-scenes" stories of this journey. If you are not familiar with my project, the book or have no idea where Plattsburgh is, no problem. I will begin by posting the backstory first. This will be a great place (and time) to get started.

Again, thank you for supporting me through this journey. As a journalist, I owe you the truth. I hope you enjoy this blog and the story and, please, if you have any questions or comments, please email me directly at or continue the conversation below.




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