Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred met the fans and media on Monday at the annual town hall chat before Tuesday’s All-Star Game in Miami.

Manfred discussed the sale of the Marlins, the World Baseball Classic, the designated hitter, expansion, pace of play, retiring Roberto Clemente’s No. 21 and expansion.

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The New York Mets 55-year history has more than 100 years worth of memories. The people (owners, managers and players), the games and the legendary success (and failure) are enough to fill an enormous amount of space and time.

Recently, I walked through the gates of Citi Field for the first time. I intentionally wanted to experience what a fan experiences, not a member of the media, so I bought my tickets online and planned my visit ever so carefully.

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Mets game and Keith Hernandez repeated his story about Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

If you’re not familiar with the tale, here is how the New York Times reported it 30 years ago:

Hernandez had just made what seemed so certain to be the next-to-last out of the game, the World Series and the Met season. The Mets were trailing the Red Sox by two runs in the bottom of the 10th inning, and after Hernandez flied out to center field with no one on base, he took a long, slow walk to the dugout and kept going.

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Team officials for multiple Major League Baseball teams have confirmed the league office has issued warning letters to players, imploring them to pay attention to the new pace of play rules. The MLB letters also noted, starting May 1 players will be fined for violating the policy.

According to MLB, the new guidelines have helped improve pace of play overall. Through the first 10 days of the season the average time of a game has dropped eight minutes, from 3:02 to 2:54.

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