Dwight Gooden

The New York Mets finished the 1989 season in second place. Six weeks into the 1990 season Davey Johnson was fired. He won 1,012 games as manager of the Mets, one World Series and two division titles. Johnson’s teams won an average of 95 games from 1984-1990. But, amidst all those wins, history defines the Mets as a disappointment.

As it turns out, 1986 was not the rule, but the exception for the Mets; 108 regular season wins followed by the epic 16-inning win over the Houston Astros in Game Six of the National League Championship Series and, ultimately, a World Series title (with a supporting cast of Bill Buckner and the baseball Gods). The Mets extreme success had fans and media talking about the “D” word.


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