Alex Rodriguez

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It took Alex Rodriguez 216 words to utter three meaningful words: I am sorry.

Last week Rodriguez passed on a press conference, passed on hiring a public relations crisis management firm, passed on social media and passed on a network television interview. Instead he used the old school pen and paper format to apologize to baseball fans. That was enough for Yankees manager Joe Girardi who said:

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Britt McHenry

The Internet is full of pride and judgment. You see it every time a sports celebrity falls from grace. Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Brett Favre, Lance Armstrong and the latest casualty, Britt McHenry.

When it happens the Internet and social media explodes in righteous indignation. See Time, TMZ, CBS, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo!, Deadspin. After watching the footage of McHenry I did not feel the need to pile on; there’s already a healthy dose of that you can click through. Wag a virtual finger at her in a blog post? Please.

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