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It took Alex Rodriguez 216 words to utter three meaningful words: I am sorry.

Last week Rodriguez passed on a press conference, passed on hiring a public relations crisis management firm, passed on social media and passed on a network television interview. Instead he used the old school pen and paper format to apologize to baseball fans. That was enough for Yankees manager Joe Girardi who said:

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Bob Gaines is the author of Christy Mathewson, the Christian Gentleman: How One Man’s Faith and Fastball Forever Changed Baseball. The book is a fascinating look at Mathewson’s personal and professional career.

Gaines shares how Mathewson’s faith and character were put to the test in the world of professional sports. The book reveals new information on Mathewson’s childhood and college years not documented by other sports historians—information discovered by the author in Christy Mathewson’s hometown, the churches he attended, and college archives.

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Aaron Skirboll is the author of The Pittsburgh Cocaine Seven: How a Ragtag Group of Fans Took the Fall for Major League Baseball.

The book is scandalous and breath-taking; shocking and revealing; sad and disappointing. The Pittsburgh Cocaine Seven is the story of the 1985 Pittsburgh drug trials and the steroid era. In this episode of Voices, Skirboll takes us behind-the-scenes of one of baseball’s biggest and most embarrassing scandals.


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