One day after Tyrone Willingham was fired by Notre Dame cries of racism are surfacing.

Well, no one actually published that dirty little R word. It has been thinly veiled with clever phrasings like arrogance, intolerance and, my favorite an unmistakable stink.

Washington Post columnist and ESPN Pardon the Interruption (PTI) co-host Michael Wilbon is the author of those choice words and he is ignorant. Not just for writing it, but for just thinking it.

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“No one will argue about who baseball’s greatest Commissioner is. It is the ninth Commissioner, Bud Selig. Nine is obviously a magic number for baseball the number of players on the field, the number of innings in a game, and the ninth Commissioner symbolizes the magic fo baseball himself The office of Commissioner of Baseball is today and will ever be the lengthening shadow of Bud Selig. And when people ask, When was baseballs Golden Age? those of us who have been privileged to be involved in it in this age will be able to answer unequivocally, We have lived through it. Baseballs golden age coincides with Bud Selig’s commissionership in no small measure because of the service he has rendered to the sport. – George Will

When Bud Selig’s name echoes over the public address system at any Major League ballpark, a resounding hum of boos fill the air. Simply put, baseball fans don’t like him.

There is a stigma attached to the title Major League Baseball Commissioner. It comes with the territory. Fans always have, and probably always will, rebel against the commissioner of the game. The rain of boos and jeers will never end as long as Selig remains commissioner. The reaction is an embarrassing public display of ignorance on the part of baseball fans.

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Mark Cuban has been dubbed “the fans’ dream (come true).” And, it’s easy to see why.

Cuban, the self-made billionaire and current owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise, is the only professional sports owner who truly is a fan – or should we say fanatical? – of his respective team and sport. His style is wide-open, his personality over-the-top, his passion, second to none. His personality has polarized sports fans, business leaders, the media, professional peers, you name it.

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April 1, 2003: Without the help of a noisy alarm clock, barking dogs or a hotel wake-up call, both Ken Macha and Bob Melvin were wide awake before the sun came up in Oakland.

That’s what happens when you get your first managerial job in Major League Baseball. Macha and Melvin, both tired but too anxious to sleep, spent the morning doing busy work, trying to erase the anticipation of the season opener. No such luck. The nervous excitement actually took its toll on Melvin, who had to fill out his lineup card three times before getting it right (one, he messed up his own signature and the other he didn’t include Ichiro Suzuki’s last name).

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