Murray Chass claims he knows Mike Piazza used steroids. Wait, before you start mumbling expletives at Chass under your breath, keep reading. The former New York Times reporter is not alone. Joel Sherman, a columnist for the New York Post, also raised suspicion about the Mets former catcher.

Both Chass and Sherman covered the Mets in the Piazza era. These guys spent a lot of time with the Mets – and Piazza. Both confirm Mets beat writers and veteran baseball scribes in general suspect Piazza’s name may be on that dubious decade-old unpublished list of 104 players who failed the MLB steroids test.

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Along the back wall in small wooden booth sat Gary Smith. Dressed in a modest blue golf shirt and khaki shorts, Smith looked out of place amidst the buzz and clutter of caffeinated college students. Anyone over the age of 23 would appear misplaced at Kudu Coffee House, the oft-frequented college coffee shop.

He occasionally sipped from a cup of water and a cup of coffee, as we discussed writing, sports, the media and his space in the fast-paced world of sports media.

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Britt McHenry

The Internet is full of pride and judgment. You see it every time a sports celebrity falls from grace. Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Brett Favre, Lance Armstrong and the latest casualty, Britt McHenry.

When it happens the Internet and social media explodes in righteous indignation. See Time, TMZ, CBS, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo!, Deadspin. After watching the footage of McHenry I did not feel the need to pile on; there’s already a healthy dose of that you can click through. Wag a virtual finger at her in a blog post? Please.

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Let’s start with this: No one will replace Derek Jeter. If that’s what the New York Yankees, and their fans, expect of Didi Gregorius, the discussion is dead on arrival.

A recent story in the New York Daily News the Yankees shortstop is believed to be having a difficult time playing in New York. From the day he was dealt to the Yankees, Gregorius has been questioned. “… (Gregorius) can be mentally fragile when things aren’t going his way … ” “Didi, thinks too much … He always seems to have a lot on his mind … ”  Gregorius “is a nervous type, not sure he can handle New York … ”

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On paper, Tom Seaver’s professional baseball career is remarkable. The man known in New York as “The Franchise” won the 1967 Rookie of the Year, compiled 311 career wins, recorded 20 or more wins in a single season four times, 200+ strikeouts 10 times (including nine straight seasons between 1968-1976), led the National League in strikeouts five times, won three Cy Young Awards, tossed a no-hitter and was voted to the All-Star team 12 times. Seaver’s career was cemented in 1992 with his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame, recording a record 98.8% of the vote.

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