The last time Major League Baseball went a complete season without a 20-game winner was 1995, when Greg Maddux (Atlanta Braves) and Mike Mussina (Baltimore Orioles) both fell one win short.

During one stretch from 1961-1980, major league baseball had a 20-game winner in both leagues every year.

Starting Sunday’s games Minnesota Twins ace Johan Santana is 18-5, Chicago White Sox Jon Garland (17-6), Detroit Tigers’ Kenny Rogers (17-6) and New York Yankees starters Randy Johnson (17-11) and Chien Ming Wang (18-6). The only NL pitchers with 16 or more wins are Los Angeles Dodger Brad Penny (16-9) and Arizona Diamondback Brandon Webb (16-7).

Will we have a 20-game winner in 2006?

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They were known as the Great Lakes Gang: Bud Selig, Jerry Reinsdorf, Stanton Cook, Carl Pohlad, Peter O’Malley and William Bartholomay, a cabal consisting of a half-dozen baseball owners leading the charge in ousting Fay Vincent as baseball commissioner in first week of September 1992.

Vincent came to Major League Baseball as a deputy commissioner in the spring 1989 and unwittingly was pushed into the commissioner’s role exactly six months later, when then commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti suffered a fatal heart attack.

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The foots up in your face, and that’s bad. Then he comes through like a fullback charging. He lunges off the hill. Sometimes he even stumbles from the force of his delivery. With all that confusion of motion it’s a problem seeing the ball. But his control is a bigger thing. He can throw all day within a two-inch space, in, out, up or down. I’ve never seen anyone as good as that. — Hank Aaron describing Juan Marichal

Juan Antonio Marichal Sánchez began baffling hitters the first time he stepped foot on a major league pitchers mound literally.

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Despite leading the American League Eastern division by 14 ½ games as late as mid-August, the summer of 1978 may go down in history as one of the most miserable in Boston Red Sox history.

Over the next six weeks, the second-place Yankees would catch fire while the Red Sox watched the wheels fall off their seemingly impassable lead.

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