Hidden among a handful of family photos on a corner table in Andy Savage’s office sits a small, wood picture frame. In it rests a copy of Savage’s 1972 New York City cabbie license.

“It’s the only diploma I have in my office,” said Savage. “You won’t see a high school diploma, a college diploma, law school diploma, bar, anything.”

The New York cabbie title is but a dot on Savage’s resume, a little-known fact, but a prevailing explanation as to why and how Savage became Charleston’s most-recognized and successful defense attorney.

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This is the shorthand – and sometimes cryptic – digital slang that causes English professor Dr. Scott Yarbrough to sigh in frustration.

“There’s just this moving away from any kind of scripted language into this informal chat mode,” said Yarbrough. “I think it can harm the language, but I hope it will be a phase we’re going through like late 60s slang was.”


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Warren Peper walked Interstate 91 along the Gulf Coast, stepping his way through the rubble: a rain-soaked shoe, a mutilated street sign, a tree ripped from earth, lying across an intersection, a child’s brown-and-white teddy bear, muddy and flattened to the street curb, a washing machine, sucked from a kitchen, lying atop fragments of what was once someone’s home, the residuum of Hurricane Katrina’s deed.

As he weaved in and out of the debris and surveyed the wreckage, memories of Hurricane Hugo came flooding back. The sights and sounds gave way to an emotional ambush.

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Fans watching the 2006 Major League Baseball post-season on FOX are witnessing a network running amuck in the broadcast booth.

Days later Thom Brennaman committed not one – but two – regretful mistakes, FOX has announced they have given color commentator Steve Lyons his pink slip.

This news comes in the middle of post-season play, an indicator of the level of embarrassment the network is dealing with during it’s most-watched time of the baseball season.

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