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There is a royal wedding in 10 days, or so I have read while waiting in the grocery store checkout line. They — the paparazzi, that is — claim it’s kind of a big deal.

News to me.

The only event I am looking forward to seeing from “across the pond” is actually 50 days away, at Olympic Stadium in London, England.

That’s when the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will make history too, as the longtime rivals play the first-ever regular season MLB game(s) in London.

Aaron Boone, Yankees manager said:

“I think that’s awesome to have this rivalry, Yankees-Red Sox, going over there to promote our game and the amount of young star players that exists on both clubs … [it] is something that will hopefully continue to grow our game, a game that we love.”

Let me make one thing absolutely clear: I am not a New York Yankees fan. Never have been, never will be. I bleed blue-and-orange. My 88-year old mom can attest to my love for the Mets and my contempt for, as I call them, the “Skankees.”

In 1979, my mom and I attended my first and only game at old Yankee Stadium. I used the opportunity to wear my t-shirt that read, “Official New York Yankees Hater.” My mom begged me not to, but I’d have none of it. Not only did I wear the shirt, I was vocal about my feelings for the home team.

I ate my first knish, the Yankees lost, my family made it out alive and, of course, life went on.

I thought of that trip last night as I sat glued to my television watching the Red Sox/Yankees game (now there’s something you wouldn’t hear come out of my mouth years ago). But, it’s true.

Arguably the two best teams in all of baseball scratched and clawed at each other like it was mid-October and their entire season depended on it. But I checked the calendar app on my iPhone and, sure enough, it’s May.

On Tuesday it was a heart-pounding pitchers duel that ended in a 3-2 Yankees win. Last night both teams came out swinging, trading long balls and extra base hits before the Yankees posted a crooked number in the eighth to win again, 9-6, to move into first place in the American League East.

I must admit, and maybe it’s my age, but I really enjoyed the energy and excitement that the New York/Boston rivalry offers, especially when both teams are really good. And, like it or not, the Yankees and Red Sox are both really good.

If you can’t appreciate Mookie Betts vs. Aroldis Chapman or Aaron Judge vs. Rick Porcello, check yourself.

Are you really a baseball fan?

I love seeing the games best go head-to-head. There’s nothing like it, is there? Chapman throwing 103.3 MPH fastball; Hanley Ramirez‘ towering home run to silence the home crowd; web gems from Xander Bogaerts and Didi Gregorious.

It may not be October, but whenever these two teams play, I am transported back to the actual Red Sox/Yankees rivalry started in my world: Monday, October 2, 1978. For a boy of a certain generation, that was the day.

I have seen a lot of drama between these two teams since that game — Curt Schilling and the bloody sock game, the brawls, the Aaron Boone walk-off, Dave Robertsstolen base, (insert your favorite moment here) — but I am not sure anything has yet to capture the excitement of the one-game playoff at Fenway Park, the day Bucky Dent became Bucky F!%$#ing Dent to all of New England.

This summer all eyes will be on England for the biggest event since, well, the Royal wedding.

I, for one, no matter where my heart lies, can’t wait.

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John Strubel

Hi. My name is John Strubel. I am a storyteller. I love to write. My writing is predominantly related to my greatest passion in life: baseball. Thanks for visiting my website.

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Freelance Digital Journalist

John Strubel

Hi. My name is John Strubel. I am a storyteller. I love to write. My writing is predominantly related to my greatest passion in life: baseball. Thanks for visiting my website.

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