What possible redeeming features could there be to speeding up the game of baseball? Major League Baseball found a way: bring back the old school bullpen buggy. The idea is being discussed as part of MLB’s effort to improve “pace-of-play.”

According to Paul Lukas, the first bullpen cart was put in play in 1951 by the Chicago White Sox. But as for the classic 1970s golf cart customized with team helmets and baseball bat supports, no one  truly knows who first used them. Some believe the New York Mets were the first to use them, but there is no definitive evidence.

Team historians are stumped, fans don’t know, even the Hall of Fame lacks documentation — a tiny moment in baseball history that has totally been lost to time. Somehow it happened, though. With a grand leap in design evolution, the giant carts took a spot among the bushy mustaches and colorful uniforms as the defining features of ’70s baseball. 

No matter, the picture above says 1,000 words — or more — to describe why we should bring them back.

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