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New York Post columnist Mike Vaccaro says Tim Tebow is “no circus act.” Baseball reality show, yes; circus act, no.

Vaccaro joined me on the latest edition of Voices: The Podcast to talk about his story on Tebow, the Mets and our beloved dogs.

In his latest column, Vaccaro wrote:

The only people this doesn’t surprise, in truth, are those Tebow acolytes willing to believe he’s capable of just about anything … the odds remain heavily stacked against Tebow … But what if Tebow really is what these last 27 games and 87 at-bats have hinted at? In the Florida State League, the most advanced level of Single-A ball, he has hit .299 with an eye-raising OPS of .907.

And make no mistake: it would be a circus of spectacular proportions. We are not a college football city, so we really have little idea just how big Tebow remains among the parishioners of Saturday’s football pulpits. Every time I am on an out-of-town radio show talking about the Mets — Every. Single. Time. — Tebow is the one subject that always comes up. Not Jacob deGrom. Not Yoenis Cespedes. Not Michael Conforto.

All Tebow. All the time. Maybe Alderson was serious, and maybe the plan was to keep Citi spared of all that this September. But it would have been tempting. Now? You wouldn’t ever expose a real prospect to that kind of ridicule. And amazing as this sentence is to contemplate, it’s even more astonishing to write: It’s right to treat Tim Tebow like a real prospect, because he just might be one.

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